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    Sales Performance Simulations: Practice Makes Perfect Our simulations reflect reality – forcing your team to make decisions, react to the unexpected, and to plan and execute through your … Learn More »

    Competitive Simulations
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    Interactive Custom E-Tools Designed to Optimize Your Sales When it's time to take the Interactive Learning Maps™ beyond training and into your sales environment our Ignite Selling E-Tools … Learn More »

    Ignite Selling E-Tools
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    Put the Learning Back in their Hands Ignite Selling introduces the next generation of sales training - Interactive Learning Maps™ - a program design that maximizes the use of adult learning … Learn More »

    Interactive Learning Maps™

Welcome to Ignite!

We develop and offer a whole new generation of sales training tools that will inspire you and your sales team.

Ignite is a sales performance improvement company that’s been helping Fortune 1000 companies
to exceed their goals for more than 20 years.

Ignite the Idea

Ignite helps you Improve Results by showing you how to Drive Your Business Outcomes utilizing our customized Competitive Simulations that include Interactive Learning Maps and Competitive Simulations.

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Customize the Process

Ignite engages the customer to custom design their solutions. Our Learning Alignment Process teaches you how to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your sales strategy and utilize custom sales simulations to take the guess work out of sales.

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Land the Sale

Ignite focuses the clients efforts through Coaching and Accountability. Our results are proven to Drive Business Outcomes and help land sales.

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Clients Include

More often than not, Ignite’s customers are product leaders in their markets. They are not necessarily low-cost providers, which means they need to sell the value of their solutions. Read More »

"The Simulation was very realistic, what I face daily. It's no use going through sales training if the scenarios don't apply to real life."


Creating and Managing the Sales Team Pipeline

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Five Assumptions that Cause New Product Launches to Fail

It’s a story that has played out time and time again. A company announces a new product. It is innovative, well positioned and competitively superior. Senior management has high expectations for the new product and has established big revenue targets. Unfortunately, winning market share with a new product is hard. In fact, according to a […]

A New Way to Drive Improved Business Results

Have you ever heard the term “Death by PowerPoint?” If you’ve done any sales training or been around the participants of training over the last 10 years, then you’ve probably heard this term. “Death by PowerPoint” is a term used by far too many people as a way of describing a sales training experience. Imagine […]

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