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Sales Process and Competitive Sales Simulations

Sales Process

Ignite Selling has a highly consultative approach to create or modify a custom sales process that fits the need of your company to help your sales team better navigate and guide their customers through the buying process. We guide you in assessing and aligning your sales process to your CRM system to drive adoption and improve productivity.

Our focus is building a custom sales process to enable your sales team drive their opportunities through the selling process most effectively and efficiently and leverage critical milestones to help increase the revenue of every opportunity.

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Competitive Sales Simulations™

The Ignite Selling Competitive Sales Simulations™ are a total immersive sales training experience designed and crafted specifically to replicate your marketplace and help your sales team apply the skills, knowledge, process, and tools in an impactful way. Our simulations are being used by our customers to train sales teams on new product launches, drive application of face-to-face selling skills, strategic opportunity planning, and negotiations.

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