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Tactical Selling Skills

Often the best sales strategy fails to achieve results because of the sales person’s inability to execute that strategy effectively. Unlike many other face-to-face selling skills program, our solutions specifically teach how to sell with a “Strategic Intent.” Most salespeople believe the sole reason for meeting with a client is to
“create value.” We agree this is critical, but not the only reason to meet with someone.

We challenge your team to think beyond their desire to only create value and to execute other necessary tactics that move the sales opportunity through their sales process; things like; identifying barriers to budget, validating the key influencers, asking for help neutralizing an adversary, or maybe identifying your customer decision criteria. Our face-to-face selling skills programs go beyond asking questions to understand your customer’s needs. We ensure that the sales teams know the right questions to ask while navigating through the complex selling process.

Our solution, Selling with Strategic Intent® helps salespeople to move a client through a pre-defined sales process. Download the overview to discover its key.