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Ignite Selling provides the flexibility to customers to custom design their sales training to meet their unique sales challenges

My business partner Kevin and I were working for a global sales training company for several years. During our time with this company we watched our clients implement sales training with little or no long-term impact. We noticed that the standard “off-the-shelf” training that included a few customized role-plays wasn’t enough. Clients were looking for something that was tailored to their unique sales challenges and their unique sales team. We also noticed that no matter how much sales coaching was provided, sales manager either never had the time to coach or never made coaching a priority.

We sat back and looked at the market of sales training companies, we noticed that nearly all of the companies in the market were offering sales training using the same learning methods that were being used in the 80’s. Sure, most moved from an overhead projector to PowerPoint, but that was about it.

So, we set our sights on building a new type of sales training company. We wanted to provide our customers with the flexibility to custom design their training, not just customize it.

We know that sales strategy is not a “one-size-fits-all”, companies approach their market in a very unique way. So, why should sales training be one-size fits all? We believe the sales training solution our clients are looking for should be custom designed to drive the sales strategy their sales teams need to execute.

Today, we are proud to offer a unique set of sales training solutions that set us apart from all our competition. A few of our key differentiators include:

  • Sales Reps learn differently; therefore, we created a set of solutions that compliments today’s style of learner
  • Transferring learning from the classroom or the internet into the everyday life on the job isn’t easy. Therefore we ensured real-life situations were brought to the classroom and into our eLearning solutions to drive quicker adoption
  • Our solutions are used in more than 20 different countries and are translated into many different languages