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Ignite Your Sales Strategy:

A Field Guide to Accelerating your Pipeline

by Steve Gielda and Kevin Jones

It’s time to uncover the secrets you need to beat your competition, win more opportunities and accelerate your revenue– without ever questioning yourself again! 

You’re about to take your sales strategy to the next level by adopting exclusive, simple but heavy-hitting tools that have been 100% proven to give your strategic thinking and strategic planning the boost they need.

But perhaps best of all, you’ll never have to fill out another “opportunity planner” or unnecessary paperwork again!

Is today the day you start challenging your assumptions so you can accelerate your key opportunities through the sales pipeline quicker?

The choice is yours…

As a salesperson, you’ve chosen a career path that’s rife with heavy competition, customers who sometimes just won’t bite and sales training programs that leave you with nothing but sleepy eyes, forms that your managers rarely discuss with you and useless sales strategies that you’ve already tried countless times– to no avail.

Often, you’re left with one lingering question that you just can’t shake…

What’s the point?!

On one end of the spectrum, you’re met with your low-performing peers: folks who always just seem to eke on by, closing an opportunity every once in a while– and hardly caring enough to do even that much.

On the other end, you have your high-performing counterparts to contend with: those top performers who seem like they don’t have to lift a finger to surpass quota after quota– leaving you feeling like the unseen, unheard and underperforming middle child of your sales team. 

You’re still hitting your numbers.
You’re still winning a handful of your opportunities.
But you’re also losing just as many of them.
You still have room to grow.
And most of all…

You still want to grow.

You’re still searching for the frameworks, tools and processes you need to develop a sales strategy for each unique opportunity in each of your unique accounts.

 Today, that search is over. 

Once you do, you’ll be able to:


  • Eliminate the pressures and anxiety that come with closing on those high-pressure, high-value sales opportunities
  • Stop making common assumptions within the critical milestones of each phase of the sales process
  • Accelerate your pipeline revenue
  • Implement the exclusive tools used by renowned, top salespeople among a wide range of industries
  • Ensure that every prospective opportunity that presents itself is approached with discipline and focus– not just through relying on discounts and blind faith that you’ll win
  • Determine the buying factors that impact each opportunity
  • Develop a consistent and repeatable framework for strategic planning
  • And far, far more!

Sales success won’t sit around waiting for you.
So why are you waiting for it to fall into your lap?


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Meet the Authors

Steve Gielda

For more than 25 years, Steve has been helping companies throughout the world improve their sales performance, accelerate their sales revenues and meet their business goals. Steve is a salesperson to the core—he loves working with clients, understanding their needs and helping them improve their business outcomes.

Steve started his career at Lanier Worldwide, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors. His success as a salesperson and his desire to take on leadership roles allowed Steve to move into the positions of District Manager and Region Sales Director. Steve’s success comes from his persistence and willingness to forge strong client relationships. He understands the importance of building smart sales strategies that are linked to driving his clients’ business goals. Steve began his career in sales enablement in 1997 when he joined Huthwaite, Inc. Steve later established his own practice as a partner with the Advantage-Performance Group, then later as a principal with Sales Momentum.

In 2010, Steve and Kevin joined together to form Ignite Selling, Inc.

Kevin Jones

For more than 25 years, Kevin has been designing and delivering training solutions that impact people’s lives. Kevin’s goal is to create a learning environment where participants can thrive and where lessons learned can be translated to the field. Kevin has worked in finance, sales and sales training. It was in sales training that Kevin found his true passion—developing people.

Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in business from North Carolina State University and a master’s in business administration from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kevin uses his academic exposure and real-world experience to develop training solutions that drive business results. Kevin’s work has enabled him to influence hundreds of companies in more than 30 countries worldwide.

I read Ignite Your Sales Strategy and it provides sound discussion supporting the essence and spirit of following your company’s sales process. I like the contrast between Susan and Mike. It works to show the differences of process and strategic opportunity planning between the average performer and the top performer. It is an easy and great read – Well done!

-Mike Wijas

Vice President Sales
Olympus America Inc.

A commercial organization’s most valuable assets are people and time. Ignite your Sales Strategy provides a suite of elegant tools that helps sales managers challenge the critical thinking of their sellers that result in compressed timelines, increased value per customer interaction and pipeline predictability.

– Alain M. D. Adam

Sr. Director, Commercial Acceleration

I have been managing high performance sales teams on a global basis for over 25 years, Ignite Your Sales Strategy is a proven method to simplifying the complex sales environment through a defined process delivering real results.

– Todd Hokunson

Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Gielda and Kevin Jones have hit the mark when it comes to clearly identifying and providing real world practical tools to help sales teams achieve their business goals. The straightforward, easy to apply tools are on target, and can be easily implemented by any sales team which is exactly what sales leaders need today.

– Robert Conti

Managing Partner
Revenue Partner

In my 25 years in sales enablement, no company where I’ve worked has had a well-defined sales pipeline process. An understanding of how to not only build the process but to customize it to the organization is the foundation for all other selling activities. Ignite Your Sales Strategy provides the essential process and tools for all sales organizations.

– Jeanne Tari

Sr. Director Sales Enablement

I first met Steve Gielda over 25 years ago and saw him present at a Huthwaite National Sales Meeting. My first thought was, WOW, this guy is a masterful salesperson. Now Steve and Kevin have captured their years of experience helping other sales professionals excel. As they suggest at the end of Chapter 6, you can choose to ignore these proven concepts at your peril. Apply them and watch your win rates and commissions increase. 

– John Hoskins

Level Five Selling

Our selling organization has deployed and utilized most of the off the shelf sales methodologies, but Ignite your Sales Strategy has a custom approach with simple tools that allows for a consistent, easy to adopt selling approach for all our unique business units. 

– John Lee

Director Global Sales Training, Urology & Pelvic Health
Boston Scientific

Selling in today’s competitive environment takes a strategic mind, disciplined approach and knowing how to partner with your customer. Ignite Your Sales Strategy focuses salespeople across these domains by challenging their critical thinking and providing easy to use tools to win. 

– David Brin

Senior Director – Learning Strategy and Operations
GE Healthcare

This book helps validate why price is rarely the key that locks in the deal. If it is…it’s a race to the bottom! Truly uncovering and aligning to our Customer’s Decision Criteria is integral to success. 

– Shane Robinson

Global Sales Trainer

Understanding your organizations sales process and the milestones that define each stage is the lifeblood of the commercial team and the foundation for all other cross-functional activity. Ignite Your Sales Strategy is proven and will serve the needs of any sales organization in search of increasing revenue!

– Cory Sinning

AVP Sales
Intersect ENT, Inc

Salespeople spend too much time in their comfort zone, focusing on those individuals that like them, hoping they can carry their solution across the finish line. Ignite Your Sales Strategy provides an easy-to-use set of tools to help salespeople proactively identify key influencers and develop proactive strategies to leverage advocates and neutralize adversaries. When salespeople stop assuming who the key influencers are and what’s driving their desire to change or not change, the net result can be more sales and successful implementations.

– Heather Fraser

Executive Director
Global Investment Banking Company

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