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Most salespeople fail to win new opportunities and advance sales interactions for

one of three reasons… 

  • A) They make too many assumptions in their sales interactions – Which can cause friction and a wall of misunderstanding between them and your customers.
  • B) They lack a clearly defined sales process – And without that process, your salespeople may lose your customer’s interest and fail to win opportunities.
  • C) They have inadequate sales coaching – Sales coaching allows anyone to become the best salesperson for the job and overcome future challenges. But without it, it’s like a newborn is trying to sell a Ferrari to someone… It’s not going to happen.
Ignite Your Sales Strategy

If your sales people are struggling due to one of those reasons…

Don’t worry.

You Can Unlock the Answers You Need To NURTURE Your Salespeople and Help Them WIN New Sales Opportunities With…

Ignite Your Sales Strategy: A Field Guide To Accelerate Your Pipeline!

For more than 25 years,

Steve Gielda and Kevin Jones, the authors of Ignite Your Sales Strategy, have been helping companies worldwide improve their sales performance, accelerate revenue and reach– if not surpass– their business goals.

During that time, they’ve seen all sorts of challenges create sales pipeline stalls. However, there are three challenges these experts have seen spring up in every industry…

  1. 1
    Salespeople making common assumptions
  2. 2
    Not having an effective and refined sales process
  3. 3
    Inadequate sales coaching
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Each of those three challenges equates to a wrench thrown into your finely tuned sales system– causing stalls and preventing it from running like the well-oiled machine as it should.

These challenges hold your salespeople back and prevent them from winning those valuable opportunities.

Odds are you’re experiencing at least one of those challenges now, it will only get worse. 

Ignite Your Sales Strategy

That’s why Steve and Kevin created

Ignite Your Sales Strategy: A Field Guide To Accelerate Your Pipeline

to help you navigate your salespeople past those issues and become the powerful salespeople they need– and deserve– to be! 

What Will You Learn From Ignite Your Sales Strategy?

This book from Steve Gielda and Kevin Jones is a collection of their combined sales expertise. It’s the equivalent of Michael Jordan and LeBron James coming together at the height of their careers to help you with your basketball skills.

In other words, it’s a dream opportunity to learn all of the sales lessons you and your salespeople need to win opportunities.

With Steve and Kevin at your side, you can help your salespeople break free from common assumptions, embrace strategic thinking and construct a seamless sales pipeline process!

You’ll also discover how to:

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  • Manage your key influencers
  • Navigate the competitive landscape
  • Assess and leverage the value of your offer
  • Understand your customers’ buying factors for each unique sale

And more…

There’s no limit to what you can learn and the opportunities you can win with 

Ignite Your Sales Strategy:

A Field Guide To Accelerate Your Pipeline!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Hear From the People Who Have Already Enjoyed the Book!

Ignite Your Sales Strategy is already an

Amazon bestseller with 4.9/5 stars!

Steve and Kevin have truly created the sales guide for the world to beat. Despite its short time online, Ignite Your Sales Strategy is already beloved and admired by many people. 

Take a look at some of the reviews on Amazon right now! 


Do you want to go from Good to Great in Sales? ★★★★★

I was referred to this book by a colleague, and my first thought was, "Oh great, another 'how to' sales book!" Well, I just got done reading "Ignite Your Sales Strategy," and I have already sent my colleague a "thank you" message for bringing this book to my attention. Further, I plan to share this book with my whole network of professionals.

I've been a sales professional for over two decades, and despite there being a number of approaches to sales generation and management, "Ignite Your Sales Strategy" is one of the few books I have come across that is written by authors that have lived and breathed sales.

Their practical and professional perspective of how to drive a performance mindset and strategic applications to obtain consistent results and grow a sales funnel by growing a satisfied customer base is on target.

A must-read for anyone who wants to become a great sales professional!


Best sales enhancement book of 2022. ★★★★★

Given the competitive nature of sales, every salesperson and sales manager must be insatiable in their quest to improve. Steve and Kevin have put together a treasure trove of innovative sales ideas that will help you elevate your revenue generation and opportunity success.

This book is a must-read for anyone in sales or sales leadership! It's an easy and fun read while, most importantly, providing new sales tools and actionable next steps through the Chapter Summaries.

I highly recommend this to anyone working in or adjacent to sales that wants a fresh perspective and guidance on new ways to accelerate your sales pipeline and improve your close rate.

— Robert M. Di Silvio
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