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Application and Reinforcement

Ignite Selling believes in combining the right learning modalities to meet the training and business objectives. We have a set of online tools designed for pre and post classroom training sessions that maximize the classroom time and help salespeople apply their learnings on their jobs more effectively. Our beginning to end learning approach improves success through pre-training preparation and post-training retention and reinforcement.

eLearning MODULES

The goal of the Ignite Selling eLearning modules is to educate learners on the core knowledge and intent of the selling tools before they attend the classroom training sessions where a simulated and real-world approach is used. These pre-work modules are designed to maximize the use of classroom time for practice and application.

These modules have case studies that help salespeople relate to the possible scenarios that they are likely to encounter on their real jobs. Each module is 15-20 minutes long and fully responsive, therefore gives salespeople the freedom to access them anywhere and on any device.


We have a suite of responsive E-Tools and video role-plays that can be customized to reinforce the knowledge gained from the classroom training session. Our E-Tools can integrate into various CRMs enabling organizations to assess and measure adoption. The integration with the CRM gives sales managers a personal dashboard to help coach their salespeople for those most critical sales opportunities. The sales managers dashboard also allows managers to run reports to determine which sales strategies have the greatest impact.