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Sales Coaching

If you take the time to listen to the questions most sales managers ask their salespeople, you are likely to hear them ask a question that their salespeople probably already know the answer to. This type of coaching does NOT create value between the manager and the sales team. It merely “tests” the understanding of what the sales person knows or doesn’t know.

The Ignite Selling coaching solutions, both tactical sales coaching and strategic sales coaching, focus on the skill required for a manager to challenge the thinking of their sales team and to push them outside of their comfort zone to help them deliver the best results. We carefully work with sales managers to assess and build a plan of action to meet both tactical and strategic coaching goals. With the Ignite Selling 3D Questioning Model™, we teach sales managers to ask better questions that challenge common assumptions and formulate alternative actions the sales person had not thought about prior to meeting with their manager.

Strategic Sales Coaching

The Ignite Selling Strategic Coaching Workshop™ starts by identifying how to target the right opportunities that can provide payback. It provides sales managers with the tools to be an effective coach for the entire lifecycle of an opportunity – from the time it enters the sales process to the time the deal closes.

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Tactical Sales Coaching

The Ignite Selling Coaching with Strategic Intent™ program helps sales managers answer these three main questions that they should ask when developing a coaching plan of action: WHAT to coach, HOW to coach, and WHO to coach. It enables managers to assess the execution of skills during a sales meeting accurately.

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Coaching the Coaches

The Ignite Selling Coach-the-Coaches solution integrates some of the most important aspects of sales coaching – planning and asking questions with strategic intent, listening, seeking and obtaining commitment, and advancing opportunities – into one practical and digestible process.

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