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Strategic Selling Skills

For many years now, selling strategically has been synonymous with filling out a form. Salespeople are taught to review and complete a strategic planning form to help them identify what they know or don’t know. We at Ignite Selling don’t believe effective strategies are formulated by completing a form. We believe to be effective at selling strategically salespeople must know how to think more critically, so we’ve built a set of tools that are designed to challenge the common assumption and encourage them to think about alternative strategies to obtain success.

Our tools enable your sales team to apply skills and knowledge they acquire to the real-world scenarios. We call our series of tools Snapshot Tools™ because we know that any given strategy is built on a snapshot in time. Once a strategy is implemented, or new information is discovered, the snapshot changes. Our Snapshot Tools™ not only make the sales process better, faster and cheaper, but it also helps salespeople think strategically and build a framework for deeper, meaningful interaction with their prospects and customers.

The Ignite Selling Snapshot Tools™ will challenge your salespeople’s common assumption throughout the different stages of your sales process. Each Snapshot Tool encourages sales and sales managers to take a more critical look at their most important opportunities. The Snapshot Tools™ challenge your sales team to answer questions such as:

Influencer Snapshot®

  • What has your strongest advocate done to help you minimize the impact of your greatest adversary?
  • Other than the fact they are using our product, what else has this influencer done to demonstrate they are our advocate?

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Situational Snapshot®

  • What can be done to drive stronger consensus amongst the key influencers in this decision?
  • What barriers are you likely to run into when trying to increase the sense of urgency to take action?

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Competitive Snapshot™

  • Other than ‘price’ what other decision criteria do you believe this customer is using to compare us against the competition?
  • How does the decision criteria of the top two influencers differ, how can that be leveraged to our benefit?

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Value Snapshot™

  • What business metrics is this client striving to improve that our solutions best align?
  • Have you determined what must be done to improve the overall value equation and increase the chance of winning?

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Environmental Snapshot™

  • What major trends are impacting this client in a major way and how do our solutions help resolve their concerns?
  • Who within your customer organization is mostly influenced by the major trends and what are their internal plans to address the issues?

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