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We offer a whole new generation of highly customized sales training solutions that inspire sales teams and deliver results. Our simulations are available for both in-person team gatherings and virtual events.

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Our Approach

Our simulations capitalize on salespeople’s natural competitiveness to address on-the-job behaviors and challenges while providing engaging and collaborative work on real-life situations.

Our Approach

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Case Studies

Stronger Adoption and Application of Training

Stronger Adoption and Application of Training

A global commercial finance company that focuses on selling complex solutions to major banking institutions throughout the world, acknowledged that its sales team was facing some challenging dynamics in the field. There was significant downward price pressure coming...

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When Failure is Not an Option

When Failure is Not an Option

Our client is an international management and technology consulting company with revenues more than $5.4 billion and employing more than 22,000 people worldwide. They needed to make sure they secured some major business within very specific accounts. Their plan was...

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Focusing on Value, not Price

Focusing on Value, not Price

Our customer is one of the world’s largest wholesaler of technology products and services assisting most Fortune 1000 customers. After the launch of a new software solution, salespeople in our client’s organization were struggling to overcome price objections...

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From Buyer Antagonist to Buyer Champion

Selling to Today’s Market

In this four-part series, Steve Gielda, President of Ignite Selling, and Steve Lunz, VP with Revenue Partner, will explore how buyer expectations are changing post-pandemic, and what salespeople must do to close the growing “buyer-expectation gap.”