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Custom sales training designed with a unique learning alignment process, modular and blended approach

Your company’s business strategies are unique. How your sales team executes those strategies is distinct, hence your sales training program needs be exclusively designed for your company. We believe that off-the-shelf solutions that have been around for years do not address the challenges that today’s sales force encounters in the field every day. Our approach is to work with our clients to custom design a sales training program that is focused on specific needs to drive the business outcomes you are seeking. Whatever your long-range goals – and your short-term problems —we help not only improve sales skills but more importantly, impact your business.

learning alignment process

Learning Alignment Process

This unique client engagement process sets us apart from our competition. We start by understanding our client’s sales goals, the strategies that must be implemented to attain those goals, and the on-the-job behaviors that the team must be proficient in to execute those strategies. With this common understanding, we turn to the multiple learning modules to pick and choose modules that provide the skills your team needs to be more efficient on the job. This Learning Alignment Process enables us to identify the leading indicators that are measured to ensure behavior change is taking place. It is through this process that we are able to assess the impact of our training and work with our clients to make necessary internal adjustments to ensure business results are being achieved.

custom modular design

Custom Modular Design

No two companies have the same strategy to achieve their business outcomes. Therefore, no two Ignite Selling programs are ever alike. We take into consideration your company strategy, your market, your sales rep profile, and any previous training you may have implemented to help determine what your sales training program should look like. We build a program using specific Ignite Selling modules that focus only on those skills needed to help you achieve your sales goals. Whether your team needs to learn new competencies, reinforce past training, or launch a new product, we custom design a program for your organization that will put your team to the test and inspires them to scale new peaks of success.

blended learning

Blended Learning

We combine a variety of learning modalities to meet the needs of our target audience. We leverage our eLearning platform for pre- and post-work to introduce new concepts and to test proficiency and understanding. This enables us to maximize the use of classroom time for practice and application. We also have a suite of responsive E-Tools, and Video Role Plays that can be customized to optimize your post-workshop reinforcement. Our E-Tools can integrate into your CRM so that you can assess and measure adoption. This beginning to end learning approach improves success through for pre-training preparation and post-training retention and reinforcement.