Our Approach

Creating Customized Solutions

For Your Specific On-The-Job Challenges & Behaviors

Our simulations capitalize on salespeople’s natural competitiveness to address on-the-job behaviors and challenges while providing engaging and collaborative work on real-life situations.

Our success stems from your success, and, therefore, we’ll work with you to create customized solutions designed specifically for your sales teams’ necessary skills and your desired outcomes.

What can you expect when you work with Ignite Selling?

Collaborative Research

We’ll work with you to identify and build critical sales strategies and desired business outcomes for the next 12-18 months.

Identify Breakdowns

We’ll help you discover on-the-job challenges where potential breakdowns are happening: from hiring to onboarding, forecasting to closing, product launches to down-quarter recovery, and more.

Identify Critical Skills

We’ll work with you to identify key on-the-job behaviors you’d like your salespeople to exemplify in order to live out your sales strategy more effectively and close more deals.

Customized Simulation Creation

We’ll create a highly customized, hands-on training solution that addresses your team’s specific behaviors, roadblocks, and desired outcomes.

Post Workshop Check-Ins

We provide post-training for participants and a coach-the-coach solution that encourages managers and salespeople alike to reflect on key learnings.


What gets measured gets done. All of our simulations and post-workshop coaching activities include assessment reports to allow your team to pivot quickly and address necessary modifications to ensure proficiency.

On-the-Job Challenges & Behaviors

Our customized sales simulations are designed to help you and your team address specific on-the-job challenges, including sales training, onboarding, aligning sales and marketing, improving win rates, and more.

Understanding your organization’s specific on-the-job challenges is crucial to identifying potential roadblocks and training needs; however, providing your sales team with necessary on-the-job behaviors is key to accelerating revenue growth and success.

Sales Training

Too often organization leaders fail to identify desired business outcomes and necessary on-the-job behaviors for successful training. This results in training on topics that do not have an immediate impact.

Sales Process

Frequently, organizations invest in training programs that fail due to misunderstanding goals and strategies, a lack of sales team skills and behaviors, or poor management coaching as examples.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a critical part of a business’s success, unfortunately, sales representatives are often unable to clearly define sales stages and critical milestones in each stage, resulting in stuck or lost opportunities.

Sales Criteria & Influencers

Many times, sales representatives struggle to identify key influencers and decision-buying criteria, especially if there is a competitor involved.

Product Launches

Organizations invest a lot of time, money, and energy into developing new products; unfortunately, sales and marketing representatives often make harmful assumptions that cause new product launches to fail.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

It’s common for sales and marketing representatives to speak to the same opportunity, if these team members have misaligned information and strategies, this can be detrimental to moving an opportunity forward in the pipeline.

Down-Quarter Recovery

A down-quarter is nearly inevitable, therefore, your sales managers must have the skills and knowledge to understand where to look, what to access, and how to recover.


Many organizations struggle with what we call ramp to revenue: the time it takes for a new sales representative to close their first deal.

Sales Skills in the Real World

Oftentimes, sales representatives fail to effectively leverage learned sales skills in real-life situations resulting in stalled or lost opportunities in the pipeline.

Creating Effective Coaches

Many sales managers struggle with knowing how to coach their sales team through unique situations and unclear sales stages and milestones, and therefore end up becoming glorified sales reps.

Value vs Price

Every sales representative wants to avoid the price conversation, unfortunately, this conversation is inevitable. Your sales team must be equipped with the skills to speak to the value of the product.

Closing More Deals

Do your sales managers have the skills and tools to effectively target and close those make-it or break-it deals?

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