Partnership Announcement

Ignite Selling and United Sales Resources

Ignite Selling, a global sales enablement and performance improvement company and United Sales Resources (“USR”), a leading sales management training and advisory services company, today announced a strategic partnership that will expand both companies’ offerings and provide customers with a comprehensive approach to enabling sales performance improvement and sales management excellence.

Under the agreement, Ignite Selling and USR customers will be able to purchase and adopt solutions that include simulation-based training, sales management coaching and development, and leadership advisory support. The two firms have collaborated and delivered outstanding sales results for customers since 2018, and the strategic partnership announced today will further integrate the firms’ capabilities and ensure a cohesive approach to addressing their customers’ sales performance challenges and opportunities.

This comprehensive approach to sales performance improvement will provide businesses with a reliable and effective way to drive better sales results, retain and develop sales talent, and establish competitive advantages in markets where professional selling skills are required to differentiate and win.

“We are thrilled to announce the strategic partnership between Ignite Selling and USR. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as we combine our strengths to innovate and drive unparalleled value for our clients. Together, we are set to ignite transformative changes in the marketplace, leveraging our shared vision and expertise to achieve extraordinary outcomes through more effective sales leadership for our clients.”

Together, the two firms serve and support some of the most effective, competitive B2B sales organizations around the world.

“Our strategic partnership with Ignite Selling is an exciting opportunity to expand the impact we make on sales organizations around the world,” said Matt McDarby, President of United Sales Resources. “Our complementary capabilities and shared commitment to effective, buyer-focused selling and sales manager training and enablement will drive huge, measurable improvements in sales performance for all of our clients.”

To learn more about this partnership, please contact Ignite Selling at [email protected] or USR at [email protected]..

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