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Providing strategic intent to selling with strategic coaching and sales training

Custom Sales

A highly consultative approach to create or modify a custom sales process that fits the need of your company to help your sales team better navigate and guide their customers through the buying process. We guide you in assessing and aligning your sales process to your CRM system to drive adoption and improve productivity.

Our focus is building a custom sales process that enables your sales team to drive their opportunities through the selling process in the most effective and efficient manner while leveraging critical milestones to help increase the revenue of every opportunity.

Strategic Opportunity

Sales reps don’t learn how to formulate strategy by filling out a “strategy form.” Therefore, we designed our solutions to teaching both sales reps and sales managers how to think more strategically and analyze their opportunities more critically. We have developed five Strategic Opportunity Planning tools that focus the unique and critical

elements that make up the complex sale. We have taken each of these tools and developed individual learning modules to enable our clients to select only the modules they believe are most critical to their sales teams success. So, whether you’re looking to simply enhance your teams strategic thinking skills or looking for an entire strategic planning workshop, we can help. Through each of our modules, we introduce a visual Snapshot that is customized to your market to help your sales team assess the opportunity and develop the best strategy for moving forward. Using Interactive Learning Maps™ as the primary teaching tool, we give participants the opportunity to experience each or all of the Snapshot Tools™, thus enhancing their recall from their “recorded” experience.

Client Engagement

Often the best sales strategy fails to achieve results because of the sales rep’s ability to execute that strategy effectively. Unlike many other face-to-face selling skills program on the market, our solutions specifically teach how to sell with a “Strategic Intent.” Most sales reps believe the sole reason for meeting with a client is to “create value”.

We agree this is critical, but not the only reason to meet with someone. We challenge your team to think beyond their desire to only create value and to execute other necessary tactics that move the sales opportunity through their sales process; things like; identifying barriers to budget, validating the key influencers, asking for help neutralizing an adversary, or maybe identifying your customer decision criteria. Our face-to-face selling skills programs go beyond asking questions to understand your customer’s needs. We ensure that the sales teams know the right questions to ask while navigating through the complex selling process.

Strategic and Tactical
Skills Coaching

If you take the time to listen to the questions most sales managers ask their sales reps, you are likely to hear them ask a question that their sales reps probably knows the answer too. This type of coaching does NOT create value between the manager and the rep. In fact, one could say that it wastes the reps time. The Ignite Sales Coaching solutions,

both tactical and strategic, focus on the skill required for a manager to challenge the thinking of their sales team and to push them outside of their comfort zone to help them deliver the best results. We carefully work with sales managers to assess and build a plan of action to meet both tactical and strategic coaching goals. We enable sales managers to ask the right questions, make critical observations, and provide constructive feedback to coach the team in a systematic manner.