Ignite Selling is participating at the 10th Anniversary Medical Device and Diagnostic Train the Trainer Summit in New Orleans on March 30-31, 2017. Q1 Productions organizes this summit semi-annually to bring together more than 100 top medical device companies to address innovations and ideas in sales and clinical training.

Our President, Steve Gielda is conducting a Sales Training & Development track workshop on the topic “Teaching Managers to Challenge their Reps Thinking to Expedite the Sales Process.” We believe sales reps need to develop tactical and strategic plans to help move a potential customer through the sales process in this competitive healthcare marketplace. From our experience of designing custom sales training for Fortune 1000 organizations, we have come to a conclusion that Sales Managers should be responsible for helping sales reps build these plans. We shall discuss the typical challenges faced by Sales Managers and how we can equip them to challenge their reps in a way that helps them think differently about an opportunity.

The workshop will be experiential and will help participants learn about the Ignite Selling 3D Coaching Model, a model that will help Sales Managers to:

  1. Stop asking questions that simply “test” their reps understanding or assess a situation
  2. Challenge their reps’ common assumptions that might delay a customer to act
  3. Drive opportunities through your sales process in a more effective and efficient manner
  4. Develop alternative strategic actions sales reps wouldn’t have developed on their own

The presenters of the summit include medical device industry leaders from companies such as Abbott Medical Optics, Boston Scientific, Bard Medical Critical Care, Axogen, Inc., Medtronic, Hologic, Zimmer Biomet, and more. Executives from the medical device and diagnostics companies who are involved in development and delivery of training programs for both internal and external target groups will find this summit most useful. If you are attending this event, please do join Steve Gielda’s workshop on Day 1 at 11:00am. For more information about this summit, please visit: http://www.q1productions.com/training-summit/