After talking with chief sales officers, chief revenue officers, vice presidents of sales, and sales managers, Steve Gielda shares his insights on what you can do to make sure your sales team remains productive and proactive during this time.

The main concerns sales people are dealing with in business:

  1. Hitting your quota
  2. Struggling with shifting customer priorities
  3. Difficulties meeting customers face-to-face

To work through those concerns and realign your sales team during the Covid-19 Pandemic it’s helpful to review the following 8 questions.

8 Questions to challenge your sales team’s thinking:

  1. How has this pandemic changed the key metrics your customer is striving to improve this fiscal year?
  2. When comparing your solution to your competition, where are you most vulnerable?
  3. Who is your competition speaking to inside the account that you’re not?
  4. What strategies could you implement now to help neutralize your adversaries?
  5. What are two ways you can strengthen your advocates?
  6. Other than “price”, what is the decision criteria your customer is using to compare you against the competition?
  7. Whose decision criteria matters most and who can validate that for you?
  8. What potential barriers are you running into and what can be done to overcome them now?

Once you’ve answered those 8 questions, you will be more prepared to realign your sales strategy and help your customers achieve their goals.

Be safe, stay healthy and let us know if there is any way we can support you during the current pandemic.