The Research:

Nearly 60% of frontline sales managers and reps “strongly agree” that sales leaders change sales strategies too quickly, and most agree that 40% of sales initiatives are “flavor of the month”. (1)

The Problem

Frequently changing your sales strategy can create frustration and cynicism within the sales organization. There are times when a pivot is necessary and there are times when your strategy is fine but the execution needs improvement. Pivoting without giving your strategy a fighting chance to succeed undermines your credibility and sets back your progress.



The Solution

  1. Start by communicating a clear sales strategy so people understand “what”, “why”, and “how” to execute.
  2. Provide a capstone learning opportunity so your people can experience executing your strategy in a realistic manner as opposed to leaving it to chance.
  3. Get regular feedback from the field to understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.
  4. When possible, address shortcomings first through smaller adjustments to enhance execution.
  5. Share success stories when your strategy has been executed properly.

How Ignite Selling Helps

Through our sales simulations, we help you re-ignite your sales strategies and reactivate prior training investments in a way that is active, competitive, and fun. We can even help you connect the dots across multiple programs and methodologies, so your salespeople and managers experience firsthand how everything fits in the effort to win new business.

(1) How to Supercharge Sales Training for Maximum Impact, SellingPower