The Research:

Only 37% of frontline sales managers and reps agree that organizations “connect the dots” adequately across the different sales improvement initiatives rolled out. (1)

The Problem

It’s tempting to seek a “silver bullet” that will miraculously improve sales performance, especially in an era where news tools and ideas are everywhere. However, it’s easy to lose sight of all these initiatives and gain proper adoption to determine if they really work or are just another distraction and expense. It’s critical to think holistically about how your initiatives fit together.



The Solution

  1. Start by communicating a clear sales strategy so people understand “what”, “why”, and “how” to execute.
  2. Carefully consider the content, tools, and critical sales behaviors your people need to be successful.
  3. Map out the big picture to see how everything fits together and how it makes your frontline people more effective or efficient.
  4. Provide a capstone learning opportunity so your people can experience and practice executing in the context of their daily jobs.
  5. Get regular feedback from the field to understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.
  6. When possible, address shortcomings first through smaller adjustments rather than introducing something new.
  7. Share success stories when your strategy has been executed properly.

How Ignite Selling Helps

Through our sales simulations, we help you connect the dots across your sales improvement initiatives in a way that is active, competitive, and fun. We enable your salespeople and managers to experience firsthand how everything fits in the effort to win new business.

(1) How to Supercharge Sales Training for Maximum Impact, SellingPower