Hi, I’m Pete Bell. I lead our sales enablement function within our training department at Philips Image Guided Therapy devices.

Why is Ignite’s Approach to Sales Training Beneficial?

I’ve worked with Ignite for a couple of years now, but right out of the gates, they were very collaborative in the design process. Really practicing what they preach to understand my needs: what length of a program I wanted to do, what I wanted to accomplish in order to design one, they were never looking to sell me one of their solutions. They were looking to understand my needs and develop according to those.

How does Their Approach Align With Your Audience?

One of the things that ignite does extremely well is they are getting learners to that base of the learning pyramid where they are applying their new knowledge. They’re applying the new skills immediately in real time. They don’t use a lot of PowerPoint and they don’t do a lot of data dumping. It’s interactive and completely energizing for our learners.

What are the Audiences Experiences Like?

We’ve done training with Ignite with a veteran sales reps and new hires. This particular group is with our new hires, three months of experience, recent bloodied noses. They’re able to really help them realize and position to capitalize on opportunities within their territory within a very short, effective session.

Why does Ignite Emphasize on Peer-to-Peer Learning?

Ignite’s approach to facilitating peer-to-peer learning helps our field force learn from each other. We have tremendous experience within our field group, lots of historical experience with other companies, other industries, but getting that group to share the experience makes for a much richer, more applicable experience for everybody in the room. Everybody’s gotten a contribution and everybody leaves with a takeaway.

How do the Learning Maps Facilitate a Successful Learning Environment?

Learning Maps are a great way to approach things. Right on your table, you’re having an individual experience because every table’s Learning Map may be slightly different because the experience of the participants is slightly different and the perspectives of the participants are different. The Learning Map helps make it concrete, tangible, and interactive that does create full engagement of all the participants rather than looking at a slide, presentation or other didactic learning.

How does Ignite’s Approach Help Foster Critical Thinking Skills?

Our programs with Ignite have created an amazing awareness within our Salesforce of those critical thinking skills necessary in order to capitalize on business opportunities and realize the unrealized business opportunities that exist within their geographies. We are a very advanced sales organization. We’re a very advanced company. Our therapeutic solutions put us into a stratosphere different than a lot of other companies. It helps our field folks better appreciate the consultative nature of their jobs, their roles and the way we can approach our customers from an agnostic standpoint, not positioning any product. We want to understand challenges and identify where are our solutions help and where they don’t. Also to make sure that we’re being truly valuable to them. Ignite’s helped us create the critical thinking necessary to approach each opportunity, devise the right strategy, and develop the tactics in order to get there.


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