The Research:

Only about half of front-line sales managers and reps agree their company has outlined a clear sales strategy that they know how to effectively apply. (1)

The Problem

It’s estimated that over 2/3 of strategies fail (2). Many of these strategies are well formulated but fail due to poor execution. Effective execution requires clear communication and proper enablers at the organizational and individual level. In sales, this means knowing not only the “what” goals salespeople need to achieve but the “how” they will achieve these goals.

The Solution

  1. Make sure you’ve determined not only “what” needs to be achieved but “how” it will be achieved.
  2. Identify and develop the critical on-the-job behaviors necessary for effective execution.
  3. Engage your frontline sales managers to ensure they are ready, willing, and able to communicate and reinforce your strategy.
  4. Be sure you have clear alignment between your sales goals, sales strategy, and the behaviors at all levels of the organization.
  5. Survey the front lines of your sales organization to find out if they truly understand your sales strategy.
  6. Reinforce and recommunicate the sales strategy at every opportunity so the sales team will get a sense of continuity.

How Ignite Selling Helps

Our learning alignment approach helps you break your sales goals down into key sales strategies and the critical on-the-job behaviors necessary to execute your strategy. With this common understanding, we design highly interactive, simulation-based sales training to develop the skills your team needs to execute with confidence.

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