The Research

Over half of the frontline sales managers and reps we surveyed say they get too much collateral, and that they are not properly prepared to use the collateral. (1)

The Problem

Let’s face it, sales teams are provided with a lot of marketing collateral such as brochures, white papers, market studies, competitive analyses, and slide decks. Our research shows that when sales managers and reps are overwhelmed and not properly prepared to use new collateral, they simply ignore it and it goes unused – even if it is important, high-value collateral. This is wasteful and frustrating for everyone.



The Solution


  1. Less is more. Ensure that the collateral supports the business and sales strategy. If not, then think hard before introducing it.
  2. Ensure marketing and product teams are aligned and coordinated on collateral quality and quantity.
  3. Introduce new content at times when reps and managers can really focus and digest. Avoid the end of quarters and years.
  4. Test the collateral in a simulated customer experience before introducing it to improve its effectiveness and utility.
  5. Help reps and managers understand how to use the collateral in the context of a sale. Don’t take for granted what they know.

How Ignite Selling Helps

We are leaders in delivering experiential sales training through simulations. By working in teams, your sales managers and reps share experience and develop critical thinking skills by troubleshooting situations they encounter every day. This includes knowing when to use the right collateral at the right time to position and support your value proposition. This is especially effective when launching a new product or strategy. The learning experience is highly interactive, engaging, and spurs friendly competition that accelerates skill attainment.

(1) How to Supercharge Sales Training for Maximum Impact, SellingPower