Discover proven strategies to identify and to influence customers’ decision criteria to win more deals against the aggressive competition. Join us for the upcoming webinar “Competitive Threats: Influencing Decision Criteria in your Favor.”

Herndon, VA, Feb 23, 2018: Ignite Selling has announced an upcoming webinar featuring Principal Partner, Steve Gielda as lead presenter. This webinar will be presented on Feb 28, 2018, at 2:00 PM EST (the US and Canada).

Salespeople are crammed full of product knowledge training: what does it do, how does it work, how long does it last, and so forth. But organizations often fail to equip them with an even more crucial skillset: understanding how customers differentiate between vendors who often look very much alike, and then influencing how they choose a winner. Complicating this dilemma is the very real fact that customers involve sellers much later in their buying process, sometimes after they have already decided what they want and how they want it. Sales success in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace depends more and more on identifying the customers’ decision criteria, and then developing strategies to take advantage of competitive strengths and to overcome the competitive weaknesses of the competition.

Steve Gielda, co-founder at Ignite Selling, Inc. and co-author of Premeditated Selling: Tools for Developing the Right Strategy for Every Opportunity, says: “This webinar, Competitive Threats: Influencing Decision Criteria in your Favor, is the second in our series which will empower Sales Professionals with actionable advice required to win in today’s competitive sales landscape. In this webinar, we will highlight tools not only to understand customer’s decision criteria, but also to influence them favorably. In the end, sellers will be equipped to leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses in a competitive selling situation. We want to inform, educate, and equip our audiences with insights that can differentiate them from competition and help them figure out more ways to influence opportunities to their advantage.”

The 60-minute webinar will dive into this more deeply and present tools and advice on how to win in a challenging competitive landscape.

This webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018. Register here for the live webinar