Partnership enables both organizations to build sustainable, high-performing businesses for their customers

Ignite Selling, one of the world’s foremost providers of sales training and consulting services and Springboard International, a business advisory company that helps its clients build, maintain, and grow high-performing organizations announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Ignite Selling’s expertise in sales training with Springboard International’s exceptional organizational effectiveness programs to deliver management driven, employee inclusive, and stakeholder/customer focused solutions for clients globally.

The partnership will provide mutual customers with comprehensive sales strategy development, team building, and individual coaching processes that will help organizations refocus on organizational effectiveness and sustainability. These programs will assist in driving improved interpersonal relationships and communication styles, which are crucial for supporting leadership and sales development programs.

“We are proud to partner with Springboard International,” said Steve Gielda, CEO, Ignite Selling. “We believe this partnership is a perfect fit for customers that need to marry organizational effectiveness and sales development programs to have a more comprehensive and strategic plan for revenue growth.” Robyn Rickenbach, President of Springboard International said, “The partnership with Ignite Selling is extremely valuable as it maximizes support for our organizational efficiency programs. The combined solutions enable our customers to focus on the most immediate organizational re-engineering programs and as a result, improve sales and overall process efficiencies within their organization.”

About Ignite Selling

Ignite Selling is a global sales performance improvement company with over eight decades of combined experience in sales, sales coaching, and sales training. With strategic sales consulting and learning alignment approach, Ignite Selling designs custom programs that are unique to their customers’ needs and enable them to achieve their specific business goals. Their programs use Interactive Learning Maps™ and Competitive Sales Simulations to give learners an engaging and relevant learning experience and prepare them for their real-world challenges.

About Springboard International

Springboard International is a business advisory company that helps its clients build, maintain, and grow high-performing organizations by bridging the gap between planning and execution by integrating the people, process, and strategy across your organization to get you where you need to go. The Springboard team has skill sets in three core practice areas: Organizational Effectiveness, Learning and Development, and Leadership and Coaching. For more information, visit