Strategic partnership formed to support training across the globe

Ignite Selling, one of the world’s foremost providers of sales training and consulting services and United Sales Resources (USR), a sales leadership coaching and advisory services firm today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Ignite Selling’s expertise in sales training and solutions with USR’s market leading sales leadership coaching and advisory services to deliver customized sales training solutions for today’s increasingly competitive and performance oriented workforces.

Together, Ignite Selling and USR are focusing on innovative ways of providing sales coaching to help Sales Managers and Sales Reps understand how to better apply the new skills, process, and knowledge they have learned to improve proficiency more effectively and drive greater revenue more efficiently.

Steve Gielda, CEO, Ignite Selling commented, “Our partnership is built on the shared belief that one of the best ways to improve the ROI of any training initiative comes from a Sales Manager’s ability to effectively coach their teams. With USR, we will drive improved proficiency around coaching, allowing Sales Managers to better guide their sales reps to more consistent improved outcomes.”

USR’s President, Matt McDarby commented, “We are in an era of hyper-competition, and smart solution providers must partner and innovate together to solve tough problems for our customers. Our partnership with Ignite Selling demonstrates our belief that the future of sales training and performance solutions depends on firms like ours working together to innovate, create new engagement approaches, and break through traditional models to deliver great sales results for our customers.”

About Ignite Selling

Ignite Selling is a global sales performance improvement company with over eight decades of combined experience in sales, sales coaching, and sales training. With strategic sales consulting and learning alignment approach, Ignite Selling designs custom programs that are unique to their customers’ needs and enable them to achieve their specific business goals. Their programs use Interactive Learning Maps™ and Competitive Sales Simulations to give learners an engaging and relevant learning experience and prepare them for their real-world challenges.

About United Sales Resources

United Sales Resources (“USR”) helps large and middle market companies increase sales by providing sales leadership training, coaching, and advisory services. USR works with clients in complex B2B environments to diagnose and pursue opportunities for growth, developing tailored strategies that improve sales performance. Creators of the Deal Coaching Academy™, USR has developed innovative approaches to sales performance problems since 2010. For more information, please contact United Sales Resources at (888) 877-1956, extension 102, or visit