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Ignite Selling is participating at the 10th Anniversary Medical Device and Diagnostic Train the Trainer Summit in New Orleans on March 30-31, 2017. Organized by Q1 Productions, this summit semi-annually to brings together more than 100 top medical device companies to address innovations and generate new ideas in sales and clinical training.

Steve Gielda, CEO, Ignite Selling will be conducting an experiential learning session on the Sales Training & Development track on the topic “Teaching Managers to Challenge their Reps Thinking to Expedite the Sales Process.” The session is designed to help sales manager do a better at coaching their sales reps to better manage critical sales opportunities through their sales process. It synthesizes Ignite Selling’s unique capability to design training using their Interactive Learning Maps, while providing practical tools and insights to help Sales Managers coach their sales reps to expedite sales opportunities through their sales process. The session will discuss the typical challenges faced by Sales Managers and how can they be equipped to challenge their reps in a way that helps them to think differently about an opportunity.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Steve Gielda, said, “Ignite Selling is internationally renowned for innovative, customized Sales Training solutions that exceed client expectation; the global brand has been built on our values of quality, innovation, and desire to exceed our customer’s specific business outcomes. The session is a great example of our experiential approach to producing excellent, qualitative learning. I’m looking forward to sharing our thinking!”

The presenters of the summit include medical device industry leaders from companies such as Abbott Medical Optics, Boston Scientific, Bard Medical Critical Care, Axogen, Inc., Medtronic, Hologic, Zimmer-Biomet, and more. Executives from the medical device and diagnostics companies who are involved in development and delivery of training programs for both internal and external target groups will find this summit engaging and relevant.

Key Dates:

March 30, 2017: (11:00 am): “Teaching Managers to Challenge their Reps Thinking to Expedite the Sales Process.” Session by Steve Geilda

March 30-31, 2017: 10th Anniversary Medical Device and Diagnostic Train the Trainer Summit in New Orleans

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