Summary: Session to focus on interactive learning aids and techniques that can accelerate and amplify the ability of sales teams to learn and change their behaviors.

Ignite Selling is participating at the 46th LTEN Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on June 5-8, 2017. Organized by LTEN, the leading network of professionals dedicated to training and leadership development in the life sciences industries, this is the only conference specifically devoted to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and Diagnostic training function. It brings together more than 800 top life sciences trainers and educators to share industry best practices and cultivate new ideas.

Ignite Selling, the internationally renowned organization for innovative, customized Sales Training Solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, will be presenting at one of the most popular sessions called the Learning Lab, a 20-minute micro-sessions, featuring hot topics from industry experts.

Steve Gielda, CEO, Ignite Selling will be presenting an experiential session on the power of new tools and techniques to drive real-time application of Sales Training.  The session will foster a better in-class experience, higher levels of participation, and more productive assimilation of the content. Presenting a varied approach to training delivery which suits multiple learning style preferences (i.e., visual, auditory and kinesthetic), the session will seek to explain how learners can remember more and apply what they remember more successfully in the field, leading to better sales results for the organization. This Learning Lab talk is called Simulation Based Learning; Bringing the Realities of the Field into the Classroom, and it is scheduled on Wednesday, June 7 at 1:00 pm.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Steve Gielda, said, “Emerging research from the fields of cognitive science and human performance technology are yielding data, which could have profound effects on how sales training gets designed and delivered. For instance, researchers have found that adult learners retain approximately 10% of what they see, 30-40% of what they see and hear, and 90% of what they see, hear and do. Adult learners – and especially millennials – need physical stimulus to stay engaged. Given what the data seem to be showing us, then, it is unrealistic to expect sales reps to sit passively in a classroom with PowerPoint playing before them. It is probably even more unrealistic to hope that they derive any real performance improvement from experience. The session at LTEN will be an excellent example of our experiential approach to producing unique, qualitative learning. I’m looking forward to sharing our thinking!”

The presenters of the summit include the biggest names from the life sciences industry. Training leaders from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Bayer Healthcare, Gilead, Roche, Genentech, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, will be actively involved in the exchange of ideas. Executives who are involved in development and delivery of training programs for both internal and external target groups will find this session engaging and relevant.

About Ignite Selling

Ignite Selling is a global sales performance improvement company with over eight decades of combined experience in sales, sales coaching, and sales training. With strategic sales consulting and learning alignment approach, Ignite Selling designs custom programs that are unique to their customers’ needs and enable them to achieve their specific business goals. Their programs use Interactive Learning Maps™ and Competitive Sales Simulations to give learners an engaging and relevant learning experience and prepare them for their real-world challenges. For more info, visit