Steve Gielda of Ignite Selling explains how to maintain pipeline momentum using the Influencer Snapshot Tool during times of uncertainty such as the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Steve provides an introduction to the Influencer Snapshot tool including how to break the trap of assuming who is important, how to move sales influence to your advantage, and how to think differently about business influencers during this time of uncertainty.

The Influencer Snapshot tool helps in four ways:

  1. Validating who is really involved in the decision
  2. Developing strategies to strengthen your Advocates
  3. Finding ways to neutralize your Adversaries
  4. Identifying roadblocks and establishing alternate plans to maintain momentum

Steve discusses examples for how to view and create a strategy around the influencers.

Six Key Questions to Consider when facing an uncertain economy:

  1. How has this uncertain economy changed the critical metrics your key influencers are responsible for this fiscal year?
  2. How are the key influencers measuring their success against those metrics?
  3. Who can you speak to that can validate your assumptions regarding who is really involved in the decision?
  4. What has been said or done to confirm your Advocates truly support your solution?
  5. How have you leveraged your Advocates to help you neutralize your Adversaries?
  6. What can be done if you can’t neutralize or reduce the influence of your strongest Adversary?

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