Ignite Selling LogoWritten By: Steve Gielda, Principal – Ignite Selling

In the very beginning, to improve the effectiveness of your sales team required sales training. Over the past decade many experts have stated that to improve sales effectiveness it requires more than just an event, it required a ‘behavioral change process’. This forced experts in the field to begin talking about a process and they realized that what happened before and after the training was just as important then the training event itself.  The road to success was leading them to improved sales proficiency. Success was measured by quickness to proficiency. This was a good plan back in the day. Today, if one puts this process under the microscope, it becomes very clear that this process did a really good job at exactly what it was designed to do – improve sales skill proficiency fast.


In today’s hypercompetitive market, where customers are more savvy, new products are launched more frequently, new markets opportunities are expanding, and margins are tighter, we must begin to look at more than improving sales skills proficiency. Today we have crossed over the tipping point where a need exists to build a new road which leads to improved business results and better business outcomes. This process must be qualitatively different from the dated ‘behavioral change process’. The road to business impact must include ways to improve knowledge acquisition and focus classroom time on skill application. It must include learning extensions which drive stronger application of the skills on the job which inevitably drive improved business impact.


We at Ignite Selling believe we have cracked the code on how to drive better business results for our clients. We have designed and developed an entirely new generation of programs, tools and processes which help clients achieve specific and measurable business results. Our Learning Roadmap to Business Impact was designed in a custom, flexible fashion which allows our customers to make changes to the process as their business changes. Below is a brief outline of the process;


Learning Roadmap to Business Impact

Roadmap to Impact Graphic