The research that we recently conducted shows that nearly 60 percent of all sales managers and sales representatives believe that their sales strategies often change too quickly. The difficulty in this is the fact that we never really get momentum behind the strategy and it often becomes more of a flavor of the month.

So What’s the Problem?

This becomes a real problem for organizations because when strategies are often abandoned or changed real quickly, it begins to create some cynicism. Too often sales leaders believed that that strategy isn’t working, so, therefore, they want to pivot. Now, it’s okay to pivot sometimes, but you need to give your sales team a fighting chance at least to see if, in fact, the strategy can work.



So What Should be Done About it?

There are probably two things an organization can do. Number one is to have real clarity around the What, the Why, and the How around that strategy. Why is it being implemented? What are we supposed to be doing about it, and how should we be doing it? Then provide some kind of an environment to where your sales team can actually practice. Give them some kind of a capstone learning experience to where you can actually watch them implement that strategy. The second thing that we can do is to give time for that strategy to be implemented. Watch and observe how well it’s being implemented and make changes along the way before you abandon your strategy.

How Can Ignite Help?

You know, one of the areas I think Ignite Selling can help is through our capstone learning experiences. The simulated learning environment that we bring provides the ideal environment where you can actually assess whether or not those behaviors are being used and applied in an effective manner to execute the strategy you’re looking for your sales team to reach. If your team is not proficient in those on-the-job behaviors, the likelihood of them executing that strategy flawlessly is limited. These simulated learning experiences really helped you define and achieve better success.