It’s a brutal fact that many sales organizations invest into training each year and yet very little of the training leads to better business outcomes. It is almost a guarantee that no training initiative will achieve 100% impact. The cause of this variability has more to do with the lack of effective coaching and reinforcement, but that’s nothing new. Anyone who has been involved in training for the past 30 years will tell you that skills need to be reinforced and managers need to coach their reps after they leave the classroom. The sad reality is that sales managers will never coach as well or as often as they should. But does this mean we should give up on holding the managers accountable for coaching, of course not, but we must ask; what else can be done to improve the impact that training has on business results?

To effectively and efficiently have a positive impact on business results it’s important to identify the specific skills and behaviors needed to attain those business results. It’s extremely important to understand that whatever skills are taught must have a direct link to the business goals of the sales organization.

Download this white paper now for guidelines to help sales training leaders better understand how to identify and effectively align their company sales goals, quantifiable sales strategies to the important on-the-job behaviors broken down by critical sales functions.

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