The Research

We asked 85 millennials to rank order the sales training method they felt worked best. By a wide margin, their first choice was case study/experiential learning followed by informal on-the-job training, role plays, classroom lectures and finally eLearning. Their preferences were no different than the 115 non-millennials who we surveyed. (1)

The Problem

There’s a perception that millennials have short attention spans and that short burst eLearning works best. This perception is appealing to corporate leaders because eLearning is typically low cost and reduces time out of the field. However, our research showed eLearning was the least effective sales training approach.



The Solution


  1. You need to be realistic about what salespeople need to know and do to be successful in their jobs, and the most effective and efficient methods to acquire knowledge and skills. Building sales skills require more than watching short videos.
  2. Consider eLearning for knowledge transfer, such as learning product features and benefits.
  3. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Don’t be persuaded to do something half-baked because it’s cheap. Save your money!
  4. Be mindful of the amount of PowerPoint/lecture you deliver at events, such as national sales meetings. It’s not very effective.
  5. Leverage opportunities when people meet in person to work through a problem or a case and learn from each other. This is especially true when you have a demographically diverse team. There will be many opportunities to learn from each other.

How Ignite Selling Helps

We are leaders in delivering experiential sales training through simulations. We offer a complete modularized sales curriculum that we tailor to develop the sales behaviors most critical to achieving your sales strategy. By working in teams, your sales managers and reps share experience and develop critical thinking skills by troubleshooting situations they encounter every day. The learning experience is highly interactive, engaging and spurs friendly competition that accelerates skill attainment.

(1) How to Supercharge Sales Training for Maximum Impact, SellingPower