Ignite Selling LTEN 2020 Presentation

Steve Gielda and Meredith Bon Tempo LTEN hosted video presented by Ignite Selling

Steve and Meredith discuss three ways to drive sales pipeline acceleration to effectively leverage your pipeline process and maintain sales momentum. Click on this video to watch.

During the course of the video they will:

  • Provide you a pathway to effectively leverage each stage of your pipeline process to maintain pipeline momentum.
  • To help better support your sales reps in gaining access and managing the key influencers they need to engage immediately.
  • To help support your efforts to improve your team’s ability to identify and leverage the customer’s decision criteria to create urgency.

In the video they discuss and answer 5 key questions:

  1. What was driving your sense of urgency to decide now?
  2. How many people are involved in the decision process?
  3. Which three people have the greatest influence on this decision and in order?
  4. What are the decision criteria used to compare one solution to another, in order of importance?
  5. What do you believe is your companies’ greatest strength?


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