Most companies implement multiple sales initiatives over a series of years. Our research showed that only 37 percent of the people that responded said that those sales improvement initiatives were connected. That means that 63 percent of the people that responded to the survey said that those initiatives were not connected in any way and the real challenge there is the fact that people get lost. People don’t understand what is that they’re supposed to do.

So What’s the Problem?

This becomes a real problem because most organizations don’t give an initiative enough time. What they have a tendency to do is they look for that silver bullet. What they’re really looking for are ways to improve performance. It becomes very seductive to try to find the next best thing in the world of technology and tools that are out there today. We always want to try to find something bigger and better. The difficulty there is the fact that we never really know if the initiative that we are implementing really does actually work, and we end up finding that maybe it was just a waste of money or a distraction altogether.

So What should be Done About It?

I think there’s a couple of things that can be done to help improve connecting of the dots of multiple initiatives. One is to really examine the on the job behaviors, the processes, the skills, the knowledge, and the tools that you’re providing to see if they’re driving the results you’re looking for, but do that in the capstone simulated environment. Capstone simulations are a great way to go ahead and drive applications and adoptions of that. Number two, don’t throw away your sales methodology or the tool so quickly. Don’t be real fast to abandon it. Maybe what you simply need to look at, as I stated earlier, is to use a capstone simulation to drive further application of what you’re already doing.



How Can Ignite Selling Help

I think one of the areas that Ignite Selling can truly help is by offering and considering our competitive sale simulations. These capstone simulations really provide that ideal opportunity to drive stronger application utilization of the sales methodologies, the tools, the processes that you’ve already implemented. It’s highly unlikely that what you’ve implemented in the past is no longer relevant. Help your team better apply what you’ve already been taught but have them apply to today’s business environment.