Nearly 80 percent of the people that responded stated that peer-to-peer learning is not only extremely valuable, but it’s also very effective at helping sales representatives improve their critical thinking skills.

So What’s the Problem?

Too often sales training is often provided in a very passive PowerPoint way or it’s done in an eLearning environment, which is an isolated environment for learning. We really miss great opportunities to share best practices and share ideas on how you overcome very difficult troublesome areas in the field. This type of peer-to-peer learning tears down those walls, allows people to become real and gives them the ability to really learn from each other.

So What Should Be Done About it?

We believe that all sales training should be designed in a way to provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities. We have holistic and realistic scenarios that really challenges the sales representatives thinking and gets them to really begin thinking a little bit more about how they solve a problem critically. Unfortunately, traditional role-plays today just don’t go deep enough. We really believed that you should provide more of a simulated type learning environment. Provide some competition because let’s face it, sales representatives are in competition every day. So, provide that type of environment that is realistic for them. Allow them to bend each other and challenge each other in all of the training that you provide.



How Can Ignite Help?

One of the greatest things about partnering with Ignite Selling is the fact that we don’t use PowerPoint in any of our training. We don’t believe that people learn by having somebody talk at them and passively flip through PowerPoint slides. We believe that salespeople learn by doing so, therefore we have to put them into that environment. We believe we can best do that in the classroom through what we call our Interactive Learning Maps. Think about a Learning Map as a game board for learning. It’s an opportunity for salespeople to come together to learn those critical selling skills that are necessary but doing it in an environment where they can challenge each other. An opportunity where they’re up and out of their seats looking at realistic and holistic scenarios. This type of learning methodology really does help that kinesthetic, auditory and visual learner. Regardless of where that learning style comes from, these interactive learning maps really do help all learners, and that’s what Ignite Selling’s really all about.