We surveyed over 100 millennials in several different industries about what is the most effective and the most preferred way to learn. What they told us was that an experiential learning environment, peer-to- peer learning on the job training was the most effective and the most preferred way to learn. What surprised us was the fact that eLearning was the least effective and the least preferred way to learn. We thought that the millennials would really appreciate wanting to take the time to learn through eLearning. And you know what? It was just the opposite.

So What’s the Problem?

This is a problem for most organizations because there’s a perception that in fact, millennials preferred to be taught in these microbursts of learning. These eLearning type environments. The real problem is the fact that this type of learning is actually despised by millennials.

So What Should Be Done About it?

I think there are probably three things that can be done about this. Number one is to be realistic about what it is that you are trying to teach. Building sales skills require more than just sitting in front of an eLearning module and watching a couple of videos. Number two, recognize that eLearning is a great way to transfer knowledge. It’s a great way to introduce product knowledge, market knowledge, and competitive information. It’s a great way to assess somebody’s knowledge in a particular area, but you have to acknowledge how eLearning is most effective. Number three, don’t be persuaded to go ahead and do something that is half baked just because it’s cheaper. Think about those opportunities when you can actually pull your team together, where they can learn from each other, and where you can put them into a simulated learning environment where learning can really take place. You may actually have opportunities to get them together more often than you think.



How Can Ignite Help?

At Ignite Selling all we do is experiential learning. We believe that people learn by doing and through our modular customized, simulated learning curriculum. What we do is we bring people together. We leverage this peer-to-peer learning environment and we provide an energetic, fun, competitive environment that is realistic to what you are trying to help your sales representatives achieve. We believe that it’s the most impactful way to learn because people learn how to apply and adopt learning at a much faster rate.