Discover the criteria for selling in the brave new world and learn how you can improve your sales process by sticking to a well-defined sales process, both for individual sellers and for sales leaders. Join us for the upcoming webinar “Selling Effectively in the Brave New World”.

Herndon, VA, Jan 25th/Jan 26th: Ignite Selling has announced an upcoming webinar entitled Selling Effectively in the Brave New World; featuring Regional VP of Business Development, Steve Stewart as lead presenter. This webinar will be presented on Jan 31, 2018, at 2:00 PM EST (the US and Canada).

Sales Process is a critical component of Sales success, and a clear understanding of the implications related to abiding by a well-defined sales process, both for individual sellers and for sales leaders are crucial for sales success. However, over the last two decades, business-to-business selling has changed dramatically, while sellers are still being taught to engage with their customers in the same ways we trained them in the 1980s. At the beginning of the year, the research that we did in Sales Forecasting Trends confirmed what we had known all along. It is not about the platforms, content or methodologies; it is about the process. Sales processes exist to give meaning to the mystery of the customer’s decision process. Sales processes are like a GPS in a confusing urban jungle, helping sellers navigate from point A to point B – and helping others in the car know where they are and when they’ll reach their destination. Sales processes are like user’s guide to the complicated set of tools that need to be used to win the business. The process, in other words, helps sellers to use the right tool, in the right way, at the right time, with the right customer.

Regarding the event, Steve Gielda, Principal Partner at Ignite Selling, Inc. and co-author of Premeditated Selling: Tools for Developing the Right Strategy for Every Opportunity, said: “We’re pleased to offer these webinars to our audience as we think it presents an accurate picture of today’s competitive sales landscape. “Selling in the brave new world” is the first in the series,” he adds “Given the current economic environment, this selling landscape can be successfully navigated using a process-orientated sales approach. The objective of these webinars is to inform, educate and equip our audiences with the sales process and toolsets required to prospect and close deals more efficiently.”

The 60-minute webinar will dive into this more deeply and present some of our insights gained from client experience. During this webinar, attendees will learn new ways of making difficult sales journeys more predictable, repeatable, and scalable.

This webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018, at 2 PM EST (the USA and Canada). To know more about the webinar, click, You can register for the live webinar at

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